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Capcom has given me an excuse to pop Resident Evil 5 back into my disc tray. The first downloadable chapter of Resident Evil 5 entitled, Lost In Nightmares, was released and I decided to check it out. I enjoyed Resident Evil 5 almost a year ago, but with this new chapter I am convinced that the enjoyment has come and gone. This game should remain in its case for the time being.

Lost In Nightmares takes place as Chris Redfield and his partner, Jill Valentine, investigate Ozwell E. Spencer’s hideaway. An old mysterious mansion, how typical and boring. Your stay at this mansion consist of finding passwords to move on to some type of prison place. There are zombies, but they’re dead on the floor. once you figure out where you’re headed, you are split up in some type of sewer place in which you must find pieces of a puzzle and a level in order to crush an enemy under a spiked floor. Yup, a cat and mouse type of deal, and if you’re wondering why I just don’t shoot the damn thing is because you have no guns. Once that is complete, you encounter Wesker and get beat by him. It took me about an hour and a half to complete this chapter on normal, so it’s not long.

As much as I liked Resident Evil 5, this reintroduction to it wasn’t good. Lost In Nightmares was a drag and dull. Along with this DLC comes two new characters for the Mercenaries multiplayer mode. With a price point of 400 MS Point ($5) it isn’t completely the worst deal. Only the biggest Resident Evil enthusiast should buy this, or else wait for the Gold Edition of the game.

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