Check Out the Trailer for Grand Theft Auto Online Heists

See the mayhem you and your buddies can cause together.

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You’ve wanted it, you’ve demanded it and now Rockstar Games is about to deliver. That’s right people, it’s heists for Grand Theft Auto Online! The much awaited feature will arrive early next year so here’s a trailer to get you psyched for it.

Heists in Grand Theft Auto Online work much in the same way as they do in Grand Theft Auto V. You and your crew get together to set up a plan for a heist. These plans are elaborate and require many steps and a lot of team work. In the trailer you can see the team robbing cars, stealing jet fighters, and just causing all manner of chaos to get their big payoff.

Though flashy, the trailer doesn’t do much to show HOW this will work with a group of players. There are also a fair bit of cinematics shown and I have to wonder if those will be part of the missions as well since they set up how the heists go down. Though this mode seems to be great on paper, in practice it might be harder to pull off seeing as there are many variables to account for.

Grand Theft Auto Online will get heists for the PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One early in 2015.

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