Latest Mortal Kombat X Video Features Kano Being a Cybernetic Bad-Ass

Mortal Kombat's resident heart thief is deadlier than ever

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Kano, one of the original selectable characters from the first Mortal Kombat will return in Mortal Kombat X. Although it’s the same guy we know, he is different thanks to even more cybernetic enhancements which make him even more deadly.

Like every character in the game, Kano will have three different fighting styles.

In his Cutthroat variation, Kano pounds on his cybernetic heart to power up his moves. In this mode he wields knives which allow him to do a number of combos. The Cybernetic variation gives Kano various eye laser and grenade attacks which allows him to attack from long range and defend against aerial attacks. Finally, his Commando variation enhances his grappling skills to allow him to counter both high and low attacks and to make him deadly at close range.

The video also shows a new jungle stage and finishes off with a fatality where Kano uses his eye laser to blast a hole in his opponent’s head.

Overall it looks like Kano will be a deadly combatant in the game. As a guy who remembers the old-school Kano, it’s really cool to see all of the enhancements that his character has received.

Mortal Kombat X will be released for the PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One sometime in 2015.

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