Naughty Dog Celebrates 30th Anniversary With 50-Minute Video

From Before Crash to After Last of Us

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Millions of gamers around the world, along with myself, have enjoyed Naughty Dog’s brilliant entries in the gaming market for 30 years now. That’s a long time, no matter how you look at it. While most people were unaware that Naughty Dog existed prior to Crash Bandicoot in 1996, Naughty Dog has actually been making games since 1984.

In celebration of this huge milestone, they’ve put together a wonderful 50-minute long mini-documentary that goes through their stories past and what they have planned for the future. If you’re a fan of their games, or just the industry in general, it’s definitely worth giving a look.

Check it out up top and let us know your thoughts in the comment below. What’s your favorite Naughty Dog game?

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