New Street Fighter V Trailer has Ryu and Chun-Li Beating the Crap out of Each Other

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Yesterday, news leaked that not only was Street Fighter V in production, but that it would be coming exclusively to PlayStation 4 and PC. We got to see the official announcement for the game during today’s PlayStation Experience event. Not only did they show the Rise Up trailer, but they also showed off 90 seconds of in-game footage.

In this trailer we see the iconic Ryu and Chun-Li going at it. The characters pound each other with their signature moves as is to be expected. What’s different here though is that there is environmental damage and even multi-tiered stages. Granted that past Street Fighter games have had environmental damage before but never to this extent. The multi-tiered stages have also been seen in other Capcom fighters but they feel natural in Street Fighter.

The game looks great and looks to be keeping the classic Street Fighter way of fighting alive. We definitely don’t need another version of Street Fighter III (shudders). No release date for this game so stay tuned for that.

Because we love you, here are some sweet screenshots.

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