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New Terrain Feature Makes ROBLOX Smoother Than Ever

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ROBLOX allowed for user-created block worlds before Minecraft ever existed and they’re finally debuting a whole new facet to their world creation. Up until now, ROBLOX had only allowed for the blocky designs you’ve seen before, but now it features fully smooth and realistic looking terrain generation. Plus, if you’ve already created a block-world and want to convert it to the new system, you can do that at the click of a single button.

“For Smooth Terrain, we wanted to enable the beginner to create an amazing world in 30 minutes with no tutorial. We started with the idea that if you give someone a paintbrush they know what to do,” said Adam Miller VP of Engineering. “Then it was just figuring out how to make that brush paint full landscapes.”

This marks a big step forward for the program. The blocky designs of the past catered toward a decidedly younger demographic, but the new smooth terrain feature should open the gates to a wider audience and garner interest more budding game designers. Everything is simplified to be as accessible and easy as possible to use, without losing the fidelity and customization that you’ve come to expect.

“This is an important step toward our vision that user-generated games will match AAA titles for graphics, lighting, and overall artistry within the next five years,” said CEO David Baszucki. “What we’ve already seen from our limited user testing is simply amazing.”

You can see more details about the new feature in the video above and check out some screenshots in the gallery down below. Check the ROBLOX main site for more details!

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