EA Acquires KlickNation, Creates BioWare Social

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Electronic Arts has taken over the social games firm KlickNation and added it to the BioWare division. The team has been renamed BioWare Social and will develop RPGs for social networks. So, the questions arises: what does this mean for BioWare fans? Can we expect to see some social Dragon Age, Mass Effect, or Old Republic games? Maybe this will allow for social network integration in The Old Republic, or in Mass Effect 3, especially the multiplayer portion.

KlickNation CEO Mark Otero will head the division, and the following has been reported on the issue:

“KlickNation’s expertise in building innovative and compelling RPGs for social platforms makes them a seamless tuck-in with the BioWare team at EA,” said Ray Muzyka, senior vice president of EA’s BioWare label.

“We share the same creative values. The new BioWare Social unit will bring BioWare and EA franchises to the growing audience of core gamers who are looking for high quality, rich gameplay experiences on social platforms.”

“While developing social RPG experiences, we held BioWare as a role model for storytelling and game design,” added Mark Otero, now GM of BioWare Social.

“Joining with BioWare and EA is an opportunity to realize our vision for bringing high-quality RPG titles to the fast-growing, highly-engaged core gamers looking for deeper experiences on social platforms.”

Does this seem like it could be a could thing? I think it would be great for some social network games by BioWare, it would infuse a lot of great diversity and quality into the social gaming scene. Speaking of, you should definitely check out the Dragon Age Facebook Game, if you haven’t already, that does in fact include some interaction on other platforms. Let us know what you think in the comments!

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