React Podcast Episode 10: VGX 2013 Awards

When was the last time you watched something that caused you to cringe for a full three hours?

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Spike TV’s VGX 2013 award show just happened tonight. It was so terrible that it was later identified to be the source of all the problems in the world including, but not limited to: famine, disease, natural disasters and any other bad thing ever. We decided to record this podcast to chop it up about the show, the awards and everything that we just witnessed over the last three hours of live show streaming.

While many of the awards may have seemed off in our personal opinions, that pales in comparison to what can only be described as an embarrasment to the gaming industry. Below we have provided a video of the single redeeming moment of the show, when Naughty Dog was revealed to be the winners of the “Studio of the Year” award:

Among the reveals were several highly anticipated games, new trailers and much more to get excited about – but then it all concluded in one of the most awkward and poorly executed “concerts” I’ve ever seen. Words, neither spoken nor written, can truly capture how terrible we thought the show was. Listen to the podcast below:

Leave a comment below and let us know your thoughts on how everything went, maybe you’re one of the select few that actually enjoyed VGX 2013!

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