Lee & Cash (NGSR) – “I Got The…” [New Music Premiere]

These two artists believe they are of a New Generation. Listen up.

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From their Two Ways You Can Die EP, Lee and Cash of NGSR (New Generation S.Y.N.D.R.O.M.E. Records) drop the second single “I Got The…” and we’re proud to be bringing you the premiere of it. The full EP is nearing completion and Lee, who’s responsible for that rapid attack in the 2nd verse, thinks the duo has something interesting on their hands…

“I will say that we have an interesting take on the trap sound. I won’t say some pretentious shit like we make it “better” but its interesting. And the EP is very conceptual…in fact, it ties directly into my solo project, which leads into Caisha’s (also of NGSR) tape”

Cash, who drops the first verse and the infectious hook, is also responsible for the production. The trap sound is evident for sure but listeners aren’t weighed down with the usual cut and paste drudgery you expect when a trap beat drops. It seems these Sick Young Ni**as Done Reversed Obsolete Minds Entirely.

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