Conan the Barbarian Series Is Coming To Netflix

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Netflix is developing an epic live-action series based on Conan the Barbarian, the iconic sword-and-sorcery character created by writer Robert E. Howard.

From the mind of Fredrik Malmberg and Mark Wheeler’s Pathfinder Media, is the first in a deal between Netflix and Conan Properties International which gives Netflix the exclusive option to acquire rights to the Conan the Barbarian literary library and develop works across TV and film, both live-action and animated.

Malmberg and Wheeler will serve as executive producers on the potential series.

Pulp fiction author Howard introduced Conan the Barbarian, aka Conan the Cimmerian, in a series of short stories, first published in 1932 in Weird Tales magazine. The Conan stories ushered in a new genre of writing: Sword and Sorcery. Through the years the original tales have inspired over a thousand comic books, one hundred novels, three feature films, two television series, multiple video games, and a vast range of collectibles, toys, and more, worldwide.

A series about the fantasy icon was previously in development at Amazon in 2018. Conan has appeared on screens both big and small in a number of forms, most famously in the films Conan the Barbarian (1982) and Conan the Destroyer (1984), both of which starred Arnold Schwarzenegger. Conan also got a big-screen reboot in 2011, with Game of Thrones’ Jason Momoa taking on the title role.

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