Throwdown Ep. 07 – “Sexy, Sexy Witch”

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Welcome to another episode of our Throwdown podcast. This is a show where we discuss video games, pop culture and tech in an honest and uncompromising fashion. You won’t get any bullshit here.

Emilio Lopez, JakeJames Lugo and I have returned from the bowels of the Jacob Javits Convention Center ready to regale you with stories of our time at the ol’ New York Comic-Con. We brought along some friends who also attended the show and they also tell us about their experiences at the biggest pop culture event in America (sorry San Diego Comic-Con).

Polygon’s negative review of Bayonetta 2 because of its overt sexuality leads into another lengthy discussion about game reviews and how objective or non objective they should be. Can a review ever be 100% objective? Should people just follow reviewers whose opinions match theirs? Should a reviewer keep their own personal views out of a review or should they dock points off a game if something in it deeply disturbed them? These are all things we bring up.

After we briefly talk about September’s NPD numbers and how Michael Pachter was wrong about the Xbox One outselling the PlayStation 4, we have another lengthy discussion, this time on Nintendo. Chris Sealy and Brett Murdock believe that the company is making ridiculous choices with their franchises, specifically The Legend of Zelda and the Master Cycle in Mario Kart 8. This leads into the larger topic of how much touch Nintendo has lost with the gaming community and whether or not it’s too late for them to stop their ship from sinking (metaphorically speaking).

On the pop culture side, we discuss all of the comic book movie happenings like: DC’s movie slate, Zakk Snyder directing the first two Justice League movies, Ewan McGregor playing Doctor Strange and Robert Downey Jr. co-staring in Captain America 3. We also go in-depth about Marvel Comics’ (insane) plans for next year which include (as of now) five separate events: Civil War, Secret Wars, Age of Ultron vs Marvel Zombies, Years of Future Past and Planet Hulk. What is the House of Ideas up to? I also go on a rant about the Fantastic Four being cancelled since I wasn’t able to do so on the last episode due to me partying in the city.

This week I was joined by: Emilio Lopez, Brett MurdockChris Sealy and JakeJames Lugo. Thanks to our special guests: Alex Nuss from Junkie Monkeys and Anthony Nash from Max Level.

Thanks as always to Shawn Daley for our awesome intro and outro music.

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