Throwdown Ep. 22 – “Menace to Society”

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Welcome to another episode of Throwdown. On this podcast/vidcast we discuss the latest video game, pop culture, and tech news in an honest and uncompromising fashion.

The featured topic this week is about how society views gamers. This was inspired by the #GamerGate episode of Law & Order: SVU which hit every single gamer/gaming cliche imaginable. We discuss how archaic views about gaming and gamers still persist and the hypocrisy of sites who perpetuated this image that have condemned this portrayal of gamers.

Before we go into that topic though we talk about the biggest game of the week: Evolve. Our very own Editor-in-Chief, Richard Bailey Jr., is on deck to give us his thoughts on the game. This also leads into a discussion about games which are primarily multi-player focused and how much value they provide to gamers.

Not much else happened in gaming but we do have one news item which is a bit disturbing. It’s about Peter Molyneux‘s broken promise to the person who finished Curiosity. This person was promised a life changing experience if they completed the game but this didn’t come to pass. This is another example of Molyneux’s over-exaggerations which would be comical if it wasn’t for the fact that a real person was cheated and lied to.

As far as Pop Culture news goes, there is only one thing on the docket: Spider-Man is coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe! Tony, Emilio and Richard (along with Charles Singletary Jr.) already spoke about this on the latest React Podcast but more information has been released and the other members of the crew need to chime in with their thoughts.

This week’s Throwdown features: Tony Polanco (host), Emilio LopezRachael MurdockBrett MurdockChris SealyRichard Bailey Jr., and JakeJames Lugo.


Thanks as always to Shawn Daley for our awesome intro and outro music.

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