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Throwdown Your Questions Ep. 48

Welcome to another episode of Throwdown Your Questions. This is the show which is run by you, our loyal followers. We answer any and all Video Game, Pop Culture and Tech related questions on this podcast.

Here are all of the questions we answer this week:

  • If you could only pick one holiday 2015 game, which would it be?
  • Why can’t we play games without having to do updates/installs?
  • Why do so many people think PS Now was created solely to be the PS4’s backwards compatibility?
  • Did the last versus podcast kill the chance of you guys doing any more versus podcasts?
  • How early do you think devs should announce a game?
  • What do you guys believe the NX will be?
  • Do you think Nintendo will fuck up the NX?
  • Have you played Dragon Quest games, and are you excited for all of the upcoming games in the franchise?
  • What are your thoughts on the future of electric vehicles and specifically the vehicles from Tesla Motors?
  • Will you be at NYCC?
  • What are your thoughts about how Japan markets relationships and love?
  • Will YouTube overtake Twitch?
  • What advice do you have for freelance artists on what they should do with regards to showing their work at events and conventions?
  • What tools do I need to get started in creating art digitally?
  • I have mostly played Japanese/import games last gen. Do I have a particular taste in entertainment or do I just prefer Japanese games?
  • Will E-Mann eat his words about Metal Gear Online if it’s good?
  • Why is the Fant4stic so bad?
  • Does it bother you that the highest selling PS4 exclusive is a PS3 game?
  • Does a set containing all sets contain itself?
  • Is Titmouse Studios moving forward with producing Grimm’s Fairy Tales series?
  • One has to go: A) Ridley Scott B) George Lucas C) Gene Roddenberry D) James Cameron.
  • Which actress do you think would make a good Captain Marvel?
  • Will Sony keep the name “Morpheus” for its VR headset?
  • What are your thoughts about the early prototypes for the NGP/Vita originally being similar to the PSP GO but with 12GB of internal memory, supported SD cards, and even an HDMI output?


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Thanks as always to Shawn Daley for our awesome intro and outro music.

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