New Lightning Returns Trailer is an Incredible 16-bit Style Retro-spective

Now they just need to remake the entire trilogy in this exact style

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Square Enix has released an intense blitz of trailer hyping up the release of the XIII trilogy’s ultimate finale in Lightning Returns. Gamers around the world will be able to take Lightning on her final journey in just a few short weeks and the publisher has been marketing the game relentlessly in recent months. As we build up to that launch, this most recent trailer is the best yet.

It tells you all the major plot points from the past two XIII saga games, complete with fully animated and sprited visuals in the classic 16-bit style old-school fans of the franchise love. If you’ve ever wanted to see Square try their hand at a new game in the old style, this might be the closest you’ll ever get.

fff 13 retro battle system

Let us know your thoughts down in the comments below on this new Lightning Returns trailer and what it might mean for the future of Square Enix – could they be working on a new 16-bit style game? Making all these graphical assets and music for just a trailer seems like a wasted opportunity.

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