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Knights of the Turntable #50: The End of the Year Pre-Show

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Welcome to episode #50 of the definitive Hip Hop podcast, Knights of the Turntable.

The year is coming to an end so, of course, we’re about to start putting together our lists of the best (and worst) music that we’ve heard. Next week will see Song of the Year, Collaboration of the Year, and Rookie of the year choices from the crew drop on the site up until episode 51, where we rank the Albums/EPs and Mixtapes of the year. This week, we’ll discuss who had the worst year ever and which project from 2014 that we rate as our MVP. Once the live show is done, we’ll have our 2014 MVP projects linked below so everyone can give them a listen.

End of the Year

What are your opinions and thoughts on this week’s discussed topics? Tell us the best Hip Hop you’ve heard in 2015 and if you have anything in your rotation from 2014. Is there anything you want us to touch on in the next episode? Hit the comment section down below! Also, be sure to hit the Koalition Patreon to support the incredible content we put together! Much love!

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