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Saints Row: Gat out of Hell DLC Announced

Earlier today we reported that a new Saints Row game would be announced at Pax Prime and now we know what this game will be. As the Saints Row franchise progresses, it is becoming more and more over the top. Alien invasions and super powers just weren’t insane enough for this series so now it’s taking a trip into Satan’s domain with the new DLC: Saints Row: Gat out of Hell.

This expansion will have Johnny Gat and Kinzie travelling to the underworld to rescue their boss who was sucked there via a dimensional portal. The game world will be about half the size of Steel Port City and will feature two player co-op. It will will feature new weapons including the Arm Chairmageddon, the Energy Caster, a Locust Gun and a gun that shoots frogs.

This will be a stand alone DLC that won’t require players to own a copy of Saints Row IV to play it. It will cost $19.99 and be available on the PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One on Jan 27, 2015. This DLC will come bundled with the current-gen version of the game, Re-Elected.

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